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Patchwork Schoolhouse - Quilting DVDs & Patterns
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Patchwork Schoolhouse - Quilting DVDs & Patterns
  Patchwork Schoolhouse - Quilting DVDs & Patterns
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Nestled in the foothills of Canada's majestic Rocky Mountains, Patchwork Schoolhouse is the next best thing to having a personal quilt coach in your own home! A series of high-quality, educational/instructional quilting DVDs and patterns designed to provide one-on-one professional quilting instruction, Patchwork Schoolhouse allows students to follow along at their own pace as experienced quilting teacher, Joanne Middleton clearly demonstrates and explains various techniques designed to bring mastery to the art of quilting.

These practical quilting DVDs and patterns eliminate the need to pack up a load of supplies and a heavy sewing machine to participate in a great quilting class. When busy schedules or bad weather threaten consistent participation in a group class there is a great alternative. Patchwork Schoolhouse is for any quilter or “quilter-wannabe” with a computer or a DVD player.

The ONLY DVD Quilting Reference Library on the Market Today!
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Joanne offers a variety of fun and enlightening workshops. Check out her teaching schedule to locate one near you. To access workshop offerings, click here.

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Patchwork Schoolhouse - Quilting DVDs & Patterns
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